Unified Terminology


Objectives & Methods

Unification of terminology cannot be an individual effort, no matter how extensive. It has to be undertaken as a pan-Arab effort under the supervision and control of a pan-Arab organization, such as the Arab Institute for Development Programmes & Studies (AIDPS) and the Institute for Arabization and Unification of Terminology (ARABIZATION). Terms used in Lebanon in various fields would thus be exactly the same as terms used in Morocco or Egypt. When one reads a translation produced in Lebanon, Tunisia or any other Arab country, the document would contain the same terminology and can be universally understood. All terms, current and future, are approved and distributed from a central AIDPS database developed and maintained by qualified and experienced AIDPS terminologists


Our banking, finance, investment, insurance, management, economics, media and communications, law, Islamic Shari'ah, medical, engineering and technical terminology databases are available online through the following websites:

  • - Arabization.org
  • - BankingWords.com
  • - AccountingWords.com
  • - LegalWords.com
  • - InvestingWords.com
  • - TechnicalWords.org

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